SSAC Development

Our unique SSAC Development® concept is designed to strengthen your company’s business and secure its market position. SSAC Development® is a tool for creating and implementing new sustainability solutions and qualities into your company’s current products, services, business model and processes. During the project, your team will innovate, get answers to known or unknown critical questions, and solve problems and challenges. This unique service has been designed to combine the knowledge and experience of the shipbuilding and construction industries with sustainability and Google Venture’s Design Sprint, the globally well-known and well-tested development tool.

This is the solution for your company if you:

  • would like to save time and money
  • would like to increase cost-efficiency and secure the quality level of your products, services and operations
  • want to stand out from the competition and try to avoid a sales low-price strategy
  • would like to be seen as a leading company in your industry
  • would like to achieve controlled risk management
  • have reliability as one of the core values of your business
  • would like to attract more stakeholders (e.g. financial organizations, employees, clients and supplier network), develop strong relationships and receive significant benefits
  • overall strengthen your company in short- and long-term periods

The benefits, your team will:

  • receive new ideas, solve problems and challenges, introduce new qualities to your products, services, business model, and processes (by creating ideas and testing them within one week)
  • achieve 100% results through the process
  • strengthen your company and brand in the short- and long-term periods
  • make your brand and company more attractive to all stakeholder groups (e.g., financial organizations, employees, clients, and supplier networks)
  • achieve greater cost-efficiency and increase the quality of your business processes and projects

SSAC Development® in collaboration with the global classification societies.

SSAC Development® is a registered trademark in Finland.