Sustainability Reporting and Communication, ESG


Sustainability strategies and action planning

We offer innovation boot camps and workshops, surveys, action plans, budgeting, cost analysis, and more to help you answer essential questions: what, when, why, who, where, and what the ROI is. In other words, we provide the ideal environment and tools for creating short- and long-term strategies and action plans. Our solutions are a cost-efficient and practical way to start down your company’s path or to strengthen the existing one.

Sustainability reporting system establishments, indicator databases

We can establish reporting systems and indicator databases: Based on your company’s targets, we can set up a customized reporting system and indicator databases (e.g., Global Reporting Initiative, GRI). If the world of indicators is unfamiliar to your team, we can provide a customized session for quick learning. Focusing on the necessary topics of environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and governance in the globalized industry.

Sustainability Reports

We provide customized reports that meet your company’s and stakeholders’ requirements and cover the material topics from environmental and social responsibility to governance. Your team receives each report as a compact package, that presents your company’s sustainability in a nutshell, thus building reliability and strengthening engagement. This is a cost-efficient, professional, and practical way to have your company’s report that meets global standards and stands out in the market.

Sustainability communication projects

How to professionally convey your company’s sustainability? How to get the required attention and provide the information so that the stakeholders and other audiences adopt the key messages quickly and easily? With our help, your team can have professional websites, social media posts, press releases, interactive brochures, newsletters, videos, and much more. If your team is looking for options to get support from a professional communication provider and is interested in making wise decisions, contact us to learn more about the possibilities and prices!

Where-ever your company is located in the world, we can support you.

We have been a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) since 2019. Background of working with sustainability topics and global standards since 2016.

“Saapunki had a major role in delivering our first sustainability report. Saapunki always provides high-quality content in a timely manner and with great professionalism.” KIRSI ORAVA, CAO, MAKINEN

Let’s put your company’s sustainability communication on the right track.